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Phoebe Murer   Bio  

      Phoebe Murer is an artist, and writer born and raised in Philadelphia. She received her Certificate of Fine Arts at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Painting and a bachelors in Psychology/ Pre-Art Therapy at Arcadia University. She has assisted in and led art activities at many schools and centers. She currently is a grad student at Arcadia University going for her Masters in English/Creative Writing in hope to encorperate it with her art., She does paid and volunteer commissions, and gives tailor made art lessons. Phoebe shows her art regularly at different coops and cafes and has won various awards for her art including the 2012 INAP award for visual arts and a Mayor’s Award in Vancouver.  

           She is a mixed media artist who does 2D and small 3D mixed media pieces, photography, drawing, printmaking and oil painting on a variety of interests, whether it’s dreamlike swimming pools, pets, dark themes involving illness and social problems, or entertainment themes. She travels all over the world and takes photos of the most surreal looking pools and water parks to paint from and landscape paint at. She has had a life long love for bodies of water.

      In addition she writes plays, skits, poetry, short stories and books. She got a book self-published, “Lab Animal Plays” in 2013. She designed her own book cover.  She is currently working on a graphic novel from a manuscript about a disastrous trip to Europe. Her inspirations are David Hockney, Salvador Dali, and Edvard Munch for Visual Artists, and for literature, writers who are trauma survivors or have some sort of disability. 



Artist Statement


     I am a free spirited sensory oriented artist. What attracts me to art is the use of colors and texture. The first thing I saved my money on, as a child was a pack of Caran Doch’e watercolor pencils with 80 different colors. When I find bright color glitter pens with fruity odors, I cannot resist.

      I love experimenting with the different colors in the water when I paint pools and waterparks and theme park scenery.  My oil paintings are typically vibrant and are inspired by Salvador Dali, and David Hockney, hence all the pool and theme/ water park paintings I have made.

    I have like to produce art as long as I could remember. As a child I remember being fascinated with color and getting excited over a pack of Caran D'ache crayons with 84 different colors, or oil pastels with 96 different colors. Even when I oil paint or silkscreen and am perfectly capable of mixing my own vivid colors, I love playing with all the bright colors from my 84 pack of Caran D'ache water color crayons and drawing with glitter pens, sharpies, and Copec markers. I also love playing with different types of mediums to explore their texture, color, and interactions between the mediums.  That’s what attracts me to techniques such as mix media on paper, drawing, printmaking, Photoshop, and sculpture. I will explore just about any medium and enjoy seeing the chemical and physical changes in some of the mediums. I collect art books and am constantly educating myself with new ways to make art.

      The topics of prints, sculptures, and drawings are usually psychological and deal with dark themes the way Edvard Munch did. While Edvard Munch’s themes were about illness and death, mine are typically about social problems, trauma, despair, conflict, and afflictions with a twist of sarcastic and dark humor.  I am working on a hand drawn graphic novel which I am photo shopping. It's a dark story about a trip to Europe with conflicting morals and life styles. That is basically the theme of a lot of my art. I am either making eye pleasing fun pieces, humorous pieces with people breaking the code of conduct or satires from entertainment, or am making dark images. Those were my topics in my drawings since I was a child.

               When I first took print making classes at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, I did not know what to expect because, but I fell in love with all the processes. On top of that I love the freedom of expression I was allowed at PAFA because I went to schools that were censorship heavy. Originally printmaking was therapeutic for me because I used it to create various images expressing the angst I went through dealing with stigma as a person on the spectrum. I also took advantage of the freedom of being allowed to create graphic explicit content.  I got to do this while manipulating the etching plates, collograph boards, and wood in several different ways. I fell in love with screen-printing when I learned it at Fleisher and went on to take a class at PAFA combining screen-printing with other printmaking techniques. I would some day like to mix screen-printing with encaustics. 








Internship, Timothy School, Philadelphia, PA; 2016-Present

  •   Assist in reading activities.
  •    Adapt and annotate books into picture books for children with autism.
  •    Produce social stories for the children.

Teaching Artist Work Trade Program, Portside Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA; 2016-Present

  • Prep and assist with art activities.
  • Assist in providing a safe nurturing environment for the children.
  • Assist children with homework.
  • Facilitates art activities.
  • provide private art lessons.

 Ambassador, ANCA, Vancouver, Canada, 2013-present

  • Host an international convention for artists and advocates with spectrum disorders.
  • Online International Radio Speaker
  • Acts out plays I wrote and speak on the ANCA radio station. 
  • Run Art Workshops.
  • Spread the word of ANCA.

Freelance Art Instructor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2009-present.

  • Visit schools and festivals to teach art activities in the U.S and Canada.
  •  Provide tailor-made individual art lessons to children and adults. 

Freelance commissioned painter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1998-present.

  • Produce oil paintings to various customers.

Art Teacher Assistant, Any Kid Will Do Preschool, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2014 to May, 2015.

  • Prep and assist in art activities.
  •  Assist in childcare and cleaning.
  • Provide a safe environment for children.

Therapeutic Arts Aide, Broad Street Ministry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2014.

  • Assists in art activities in a community center for people dealing with mental health, addiction, and trauma.

 Artists Aide Volunteer, Outside of the Frame, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2013.

  • Stretched canvases for artists.

Program leader, Camp Dragonfly Forest, Westtown, Pennsylvania Summers, 2010-2011.

  • Assisted in producing and instructing art projects at an overnight camp for children with autism.

 Art Instructor, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2009-2011.

  • Produced and facilitated art activities in classrooms in the therapeutic nursery.

 Art Instructor, Timothy School, Berwyn, Pennsylvania, 2006-2009.

  • Created and facilitated art activities in classrooms for children with autism.


Arcadia University, Glenside, PA

MFA in English; Major: English; 2018


 Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania

BA in Psychology and Pre-Art Therapy; Major: Psychology; 2006.

 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Certificate of Fine Arts; Major: Painting; 2002.


  • 2015 City of Vancouver Mayor’s Award
  • 2015 ANCA Network for Community Achievement
  • 2012 International Naturally Autistic People’s Award in Visual Arts
  • Certified Peer Specialist
  • 2009 A-Rat-Emmy Award
  • Completed National Novel Writing Month two years in a row-2012 &2013


  • Arcadia University
  • Timothy School
  • Painted Bride Center
  • ANCA
  • Drexel University
  • Intercept online radio
  • ANCA, People first online radio


  • Lab Animal Plays, 2013
  • Can order books through createspace store and Amazon.


  • “Tree Rats,” It’s a Rat’s World’s Magazine, 2009


Mt Airy Art Garage- Member/Artist

DaVinci Art Alliance-Member/Artist

Starwheel Printmakers-Member/Artist

ANCA- Ambassador

Fleisher Art Memorial- Member/Artist/ Volunteer

Second State Press- Member/Artist




  • Nerve Endings, Higher Ground Café; Philadelphia, PA2012
  • Dreamlike Pools, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum Café; Philadelphia, PA


  • International Landscapes, Mocha Café; Philadelphia, PA


  • Swimming Pools and Water Parks, Holy Family University; Philadelphia, PA


  • A-Space: Philadelphia, PA


  • Metropolitan Bakery; Philadelphia, PA



  • Aberrations, Star Wheel Printers, DaVinci Art Alliance Gallery; Philadelphia, PA
  • Members July Exhibition, DaVinci Art Alliance Gallery; Philadelphia, PA
  • We Are MAGG, Mt. Airy Art Garage, Mt. Airy, PA
  • 118th Annual Adult Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PA
  • Love Letter Show, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PA
  • Celebrate Life, Mt. Airy Art Garage, Mt. Airy, PA


  • Ornament Show, Nice Things Hand Made; Philadelphia, PA
  • Smallworks, DaVinci Art Alliance Gallery; Philadelphia, PA
  • POST, Mt. Airy Art Garage; Mt. Airy, PA
  • Memories and Metaphors, Star Wheel Printers, Holy Family University; Philadelphia, PA
  • Art on the Spectrum, Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • Advanced Printmaking Class Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PA
  • Something Cool, DaVinci Art Alliance Gallery; Philadelphia, PA
  • Surface and Tension; A Print Show, Star Wheel Printers and Orchard Artworks, Bryn Athyn, PA
  • Fleisher Annual Adult Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PA -Honorable Mention for Works on Paper
  • It’s a Small World, Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA
  • Critters and Beasts, Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA


  • Fleisher Annual Adult Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PA


  • Group Art show, Blick; Philadelphia, PA
  • Group Art show, Upper Mainline YMCA; Berwyn, PA
  • Fleisher Annual Adult Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial; Philadelphia, PAHonorable Mention for Photography


  • Student Alumni Art show, Arcadia University; Glenside, PA


  • Group Art Show, Philly Café; Philadelphia, PA


  • Life on The Spectrum, Painted Bride; Philadelphia, PA


  • Autism Arts in Action, Holy Family University; Philadelphia, PA
  • Women’s Art Show, Floating Gallery; New York City, NY


  • Second Annual Quaker Arts Conference; Bristol, PA


  • Annual Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Philadelphia, PA


  • Annual Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Philadelphia, PA.


  • Juried Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Philadelphia, PA


  • Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting; Philadelphia, PA


  • Juried Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
  • Juried Student Show, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Philadelphia, PA
  • Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting; Philadelphia, PA


  • Children’s Art Show, Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art; Philadelphia, PA



Additional group art shows: Two in Harrisburg, one in New Jersey, two at the Plastic Club, and two in New York City. Also auctioned off a painting for Rat Chick Rat Rescue, ARC, and Fleisher. Donated one to PAFA.




Penn Homecare & Hospice Services

Lang Clinic, Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Pinewoods Camp, Higgins Lake, Roscommon, MI


Additional Collections: Several local business, schools, and private collections. Notably, some of the private collections are in Norway and Canada.