linoleum printmaking, 2014
linoleum printmaking II, 2014
Linoleum block Printmaking III, 2016
Campfire, Collagraph plate, 2015
"Camp Fire" Collagraph print, 2015
A monoprint positive, 2015
Mural of Frozen, 2016
Portrait of Gym Teacher II, 2016
self portrait, oil pastels, 2016
Portrait done by pencil
A self portrait done with charcoal done by a 7-year-old.  (2014)
Close up of a tiny toy, charcoal, 2014
Making paint out of chalk, 2014
Learning to make chalk paint, 2016
Chalk painting at Washington Square
Mystery Brush Chalk
Collaboration, 2008
"Untitled" 2017
American Flag
Silly putty made by a three year old girl with assistance.
Shampoo clay
Molding with Shampoo Clay
Shampoo Clay sculptures
Phoebe's Silly Clay
Phoebe's silly clay-Clay surprise
Phoebe's Silly Clay
Phoebe's Silly Clay
"Five Nights of Freddy" 2016
Making an air-dry clay
"Chocolate Chip Pancakes"  2016
Tow Truck, Cardboard boxes and acrylic paint, 2016
Clay Zoo
James and the Giant Peach, 2016
"fire bird" 2016
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