North Side of 5th and West of 4th on South
Grendels Layer
ET and Gizmo _ Mixed Media Scupture_ 2016_ wlh 10x25x26” $500
 JC Dobb’s_wlh 16x23x8”  $500
North 3rd  and South_ wlh 11x22x11”   $500
 Skinz_wlh 11x14x8” $300
S 4th Street_wlh 12x36x11”  $800
COPA/ TLA_wlh 12x14x8”  $400
Tower Books_wlh 8x12x9”  $200
Tower Records_wlh 8x14x12”  $400
Zipperhead_wlh 7x20x7” $300
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